For the first time in 10 years, Jeremy Clarkson reviewed Tesla. Just in case, lawyers went with him

The last edition of the car show The Grand Tour was marked by a historic event: British leader Jeremy Clarkson tested the Tesla Model X electric car. For about 10 years, he specifically ignored the company Ilona Mask because of the old conflict, but still changed his point of view.

The quarrel over Tesla Roadster

In December 2008, the Top Gear on the BBC (Clarkson was fired seven years later) released a critical review of the Tesla Roadster, the first sports car of the company Mask, which was launched into orbit at the beginning of February 2018 .

Clarkson was disappointed in the Roadster and said that a similar car with gasoline is much easier to cope with the same tasks: “What a pity that in the real world, it does not seem to work.”\


Tesla accused the presenter of slander and sued him. According to the company’s lawyers, the Top Gear survey cost it sales of 200 Roadster models, a loss of $ 171,000 in the UK and undermining investor confidence. Mask called the authors of the review “impudent liars.”

The claim also featured other statements by Clarkson like “Although Tesla stated that the Roadster can travel 200 miles, but on our track the car stopped after 55 miles. And when charging ends, it’s not the fastest thing to charge. ”

The trial lasted five years. However, Tesla lost to Clarkson’s court, appealed and again lost, without proving that she had actually suffered losses due to the review. “I would like to apologize to the judges for having so much to watch Top Gear,” said Andy Wilman, executive producer of the show after the meeting.

Change of point of view

After that story, Clarkson promised to never again review Tesla’s products. He adhered to this principle for 10 years. In November 2017, the presenter told Mashable that he eventually corrected the point of view, as the company Mask changed for the better.

That review was tough, but honest. Tesla Roadster has not performed well, and I’m still not sure about it. […]

Now we have a new Tesla Model X and other models. There are a couple of little things, but overall this is a very impressive result. This is a really interesting, new look at what the car is all about today.

Inside, much has been done for nine-year-olds. All men in the shower are nine-year-old boys. We are all stupid, and in this car there are so many stupid things necessary for this very inner nine-year-old boy. I like it.

Jeremy Clarkson
TV presenter

Clarkson admitted that he began to believe in electric vehicles. Thanks to them, the presenter emphasized, the world will become “a much more pleasant place”.

Test drive with the caveats of lawyers

February 9 in the program The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video showed anoverview of the Tesla Model X. Before the start, the leaders announced that the growing company Mask could not be ignored. Model X can become a crossover that “we all like,” Clarkson noted.

The review of Clarkson on Model X was in many ways complimentary. First of all, he praised the electric behind the rear doors, quiet ride, practicality and space in the cabin. The moderator said that the Tesla model is “terrific”, “better than a family crossover” and “perfect for any man”.

Clarkson noted the feature in the navigation system, which changes the picture from the usual track in British Swindon to Mars. Also, the host called the “amusing” change of the virtual appearance of Model X to a flying car.

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