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The coach of the national team of Jamaica on bobsleigh left the team. She owns only sledges

In 2018, the Jamaican women’s bobsled team, which includes Odra Segri and former athlete Carrie Russell, was selected for the first time at the Olympic Games. However, a few days before the competition, the team may lose the necessary equipment to start.

February 14th head coach Sandra Kiriasis (Sandra Kiriasis) filed to resign. Nemka, who is the Olympic champion of the 2006 Games, told the BBC that the Jamaica Federation in bobsled attempted to “survive” her from the team, lowering her and depriving her of access to athletes. Кириасис has refused and has left.

In this case, the coach owns a single bean (sled for bobsled) in the team, for which he is “legally responsible”. According to the media, there is no other similar equipment in Jamaica, but it costs several thousand dollars. The highest result – seventh place in the World Cup – the team achieved exactly on the toboggan Kiriasis.

Nemka said that she wants to get compensation for Bob from the team of Jamaica. However, the Federation responded by saying that all the equipment belonged to it. It is not known whether the bobsled team will compete in the competition in Pyeongchang on February 20. In the Federation of Jamaica assured that the departure of the coach will not affect the team and its performance.

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