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NASA received funding for the construction of a quiet supersonic aircraft

The administration of Donald Trump published a budget for 2019. It follows from the document that politicians approved funding for the development of NASA supersonic aircraft. A distinctive feature of the car will be a low level of noise produced in flight.

It is expected that the first flight of the novelty will already in 2021. The solutions used in the aircraft can be used in future supersonic passenger liners. In particular, the aircraft should be quiet – the noise from the surface of the earth will be at a level of 60-65 decibels. This is planned to achieve a special form of liner and engine placement.

Supersonic airliners have not been used in civil aviation since 2003, when Concorde was decommissioned. In total, 20 aircraft were built, of which one Air France board was wrecked in 2000. For about three decades, the aircraft has transported more than 3 million passengers. The only competitor to Concorde, the Soviet Tu-144 (which became the world’s first supersonic passenger liner), performed civil flights for less than a year.

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