“I hope, I will live to death of cash”: what Tim Cook said at the meeting of Apple shareholders

Tim Cook held an annual meeting of Apple shareholders, which he talked about plans for the absorption of other companies, the lack of excursions to Apple Park and overstated expectations regarding contactless payments. As the correspondent of CNET wrote , the shareholders were asked to register in advance, journalists were not allowed, and the event was not conducted with audio or video.

About Apple Pay

Cook said he expected more from the development of mobile payments Apple Pay, which earned in the US in 2014, and in Russia – in 2016.

Mobile payments are developing more slowly than I expected, sitting here a few years ago. But I hope that I will live to the point when the cash will die.

Tim Cook
head of Apple
The head of Apple added that demand for Apple Pay is growing most strongly in China and Russia.

Excursions to Apple headquarters

Apple’s shareholders meeting was held at the Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, which was opened in November 2017. One of them asked when it was planned to launch excursions for guests. The answer is most likely never.

The problem with opening a headquarters for tours is that there are some confidential things inside. This is a kind of curse, we have to keep things secret.

To this end, we have created a center for guests, where everyone can study Apple Park using AR-glasses. If you have not tried it yet, I urge you to try it.

Tim Cook
head of Apple
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On the successes of wearable devices and health care

Cook explained that he does not like to use the term “wearable” when talking about AirPods, Beats and Apple Watch. According to the head of Apple, the popularity of accessories “increased noticeably,” but he did not disclose specific sales data.

Cook also talked about working with the government to create new products in the health field.

We ask ourselves how we can improve the health of our users, and try not to think about whether we can convince the authorities to help us with this or not. In the future, Apple can make a significant contribution in this area.

Tim Cook
head of Apple

What else told Tim Cook:

  • in 2017, Apple bought 19 companies, of which only 10 are known, and in 2018 will be new;
  • buyers of the iPhone X are 99% satisfied with the smartphone;
  • On the temporary disappearance of Telegram in the App Store: the company seeks to remove questionable content from the store, including pornography and the propaganda of terrorism;
  • Apple would like to continue to open retail stores for the sake of “interacting with people”;
  • Apple spent about $ 12 billion on new research in 2017, and in 2018 intends to hire up to 20,000 employees.
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