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The first satellites of ‘the global Internet from elon Musk will fly into space on Saturday

For many years, the founder of SpaceX  elon musk dreamed not only the conquest of Mars, but also the ideas of creating a global Internet that would provide thousands of satellites in space. The first two prototypes of these satellites will go into orbit already this Saturday, writes Engadget .

Initially, it was planned that the first satellites would be sent at the end of 2017, but later the plans were adjusted. It is assumed that the first two demos (Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b) of the Starlink project will be launched on February 17 at 17:17 Minsk time on the Falcon 9. If, of course, the weather permits. While SpaceX has not officially confirmed this information. The main load should be the Spanish satellite Paz.

Starlink plans to send 4,425 satellites to low Earth orbit, which will provide high-speed Internet access services. According to some information, the weight of one satellite will be a little less than 400 kg. By the same calculations of enthusiasts, one Falcon 9 will be able to put into orbit 23 satellites at a time.

Experts suggest that the first goal for Falcon Heavy will be the acceleration of this process. The rocket will be able to bring out satellites by armfuls: just have time to rivet.

A year ago, when the success of Falcon Heavy could only be guessed, SpaceX expected that the practical implementation of the Starlink project will start in 2019, and in 2020 the network will begin to operate in a limited amount.

We plan to broadcast the launch of Falcon 9 with these satellites, where we will discuss the perspectives of Falcon Heavy and the global satellite Internet project



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