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In Belarus they created a car that operates on wood

Consumption – 20 kg of logs for a hundred kilometers. The Belarusian has created a machine that operates on wood
Belarus Sergey managed to redo the vehicles so that he could ride on wood fuel. The car looks funny, but how it saves on fuel its owner. The owner of an unusual vehicle claims that he will spend only 20 kg of firewood per 100 km of road. Sergey shared his hobbies. The man has always been interested in military history, so these hybrid steam generators are not new to him. He claims that coal gas has been used since ancient times. So there is nothing surprising in such an unconventional way of riding.

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How it works?
The fuel for the gas-generator plant (and in this case it is a monorator) is small wood chocks. And it is not necessary that they are dry, the moist wood will burn (up to 60 percent of humidity) – this is the difference between a monorator and a conventional gas generator. Behind the rear row of passenger seats in Sergei’s car are two bags of such chicken. He says that one is enough for 100 kilometers of the way. In terms of mass, it turns out that the flow is 20 kg of firewood per hundred. Naturally, it is not necessary to constantly throw the fireballs into the oven. Threw in the beginning of the road – and went.
“And this is my refueling gun. I always carry with me, “the man jokes and shows an ax. Judging by his stories, the “gun” may not be useful – on the coniferous forest you can safely ride the cones. In any case, the ecological compatibility of the installation is undeniable. Since Sergei is an ideological person, ecology is not an empty word for him.

Fuel is loaded into the tank through the lid located at the top of the gasification chamber (in the photo there is a black barrel in the center). During the work from there, smoke continuously flows. The lid does not miss it – thus, from afar the car does not look like a steam locomotive. Before starting the engine, you need to wait about 5-10 minutes for gas to enter there.

“At the bottom of the gasification chamber, the firewood is smoldering, ” Sergei describes the mechanics of the installation. – Starting the burning – from a match or a torch. In total there are three processes in the chamber: thermal decomposition of fuel, oxidation, reduction. When the fuel burns with a depleted amount of oxygen (pyrolysis), the reactions of oxidation of coal and hydrocarbons proceed: C + O2 = CO2, 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O with heat release. Then there is a reduction reaction (when passing through a layer of hot coals): C + CO2 = 2CO, C + H2O = CO + H2 with heat consumption. The fuel in the reversed monorator system is almost completely decomposed. A separate tube is provided for the condensate, it can be drained. ”



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