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From the Olympics-2018, the first athlete who failed the test for doping

Kei Saito. Photo by Robert Sianflown, Getty

The Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) removed the Japanese skater Kei Saito from participating in the Olympics in Pyongyang. In his doping test, acetazolamide, an inhibited diuretic, was discovered. This same substance is sometimes used to mask other forms of doping.

According to the CAS decree, Saito took dope voluntarily. 21-year-old athlete was ordered to leave the Olympic Village in the near future. He was also suspended from participation in competitions under the auspices of the International Skating Union.

In a conversation with the BBC, Saito said that he was shocked by the CAS decision. According to the skater, he passed anti-doping instruction and never took any prohibited substances – neither diuretics nor steroids, the use of which could be concealed by diuretics.

I have no motivation to use this substance. I want to prove my innocence. But I do not want to be a burden to the team, so I made this decision.

Kei Saito
member of the national team of Japan on the short track
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