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YouTube tightened the rules for bloggers – for violation can be excluded from the “In trend” section

The YouTube Guidelines introduced new rules for bloggers who violate the terms of the affiliate program. Authors who “damage the reputation and the service community” can disable monetization on the channel or deny access to recommendations and the “In trend” section.

The rules state that the consequences are expected by those who repeatedly violated YouTube’s rules and tried to monetize videos that promote violence, cruelty or hatred towards a social group.

In this case, they are threatened, including for an indefinite period:

  • Disabling monetization of the channel and exclusion from the affiliate program;
  • Exclusion from recommendations, proposed videos on the main page and the section “In a trend”
  • Abolition of premium Google monetization programs and YouTube Originals;

These measures were added to existing ones : before bloggers could temporarily be disconnected from the partner program or deprived of monetization on separate, violating rules, rollers.

The YouTube administration began to tighten the rules for monetizing content after a scandal with blogger Logan Paul, who shot a video with a “dead man” in the Japanese “suicide forest”. He was completely deprived of revenue from the video: disconnected from the affiliate program, banned advertising and expelled from the premium section of YouTube Red.

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