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SC: An-148 aircraft exploded not in the air, but after collision with the ground

A fragment of An-148 at the crash site. Reuters photo

The Investigative Committee published preliminary results of the investigation of the crash of the An-148 passenger plane in the Moscow Region, on board of which there were 71 people. Investigators say that while the airplane was in the air, it remained intact.

It is established that at the time of the fall the aircraft was in integrity, without ignition, the explosion occurred after the crash of the aircraft.

investigative committee

UK said that until he found a voice recorder, which recorded the crew’s talks. However, the search engines found a parametric recorder that captured flight parameters and helped restore its history.

Investigators organized searches in the office of the airline “Saratov Airlines”, which belonged to the aircraft. Earlier, the carrier announced a temporary refusal to operate the An-148. The SC withdrew fuel samples, records of negotiations between dispatchers and the commander of the aircraft, files of the aircraft tracking system on the ground and in the air, and records of radar indicators.

The exact cause of the crash is not yet determined. However, the SC data contradicts one of the previously expressed versions that the aircraft allegedly collapsed in the air due to an engine explosion or a terrorist attack.

RBC, citing sources, wrote that the engines worked right up to the collision with the ground. From the video from the surveillance cameras it follows that a cloud of smoke and fire arose at that moment.

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