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The Norwegian skier fell at the beginning of the race and broke the stick, but still took the gold of the Olympics

Norwegian skier Simen Hegstad Krueger (Simen Hegstad Krueger) took first place in the 30-kilometer skiathlon, despite the fall on the first lap. He managed to bypass 67 rivals.

Photo by Antonio Bata, EPA / Scanpix / LETA
Photo by Antonio Bata, EPA / Scanpix / LETA

As Business Insider writes, Kruger fell 200 meters after the start of the race. He provoked a blockage, because of which also fell two Russians – Denis Spitsov and Andrei Larkov. In an attempt to gain speed, Kruger broke a ski stick, and it had to be replaced.

The next 22 kilometers Kruger “methodically and with obvious ease” walked 62 participants of the race and moved to the 5th place. When there were about 12 minutes left until the end of the race, the Norwegian went five more competitors and took the lead. Gradually, he managed to gain a distance with a margin of 22 seconds.

According to Kruger, he thought that “it’s over” because the race started “in the worst way.”

This is indescribable. A tremendous day that started worst of all due to a fall in the first 100 meters and a broken stick. I thought it was over. When all the adversaries moved forward, I hoped that no one would want to go ahead of everyone against the wind. I could only do jerks and hope that others will slow down, when suddenly I was back in the race.

Simen Krueger
NBC / Business Insider photo

Skiathlon is held in two stages – the first 15 kilometers athletes overcome the classic style, the second 15 – skating. Kruger overcame 30 km in 1 hour 16 minutes and 20 seconds. His compatriots Martin Sundby (8 seconds behind) and Hans Holund (+9.9) took second and third places respectively.

Filled at the start skier from Russia Denis Spitsov took the fourth place, despite the 4-second lag in the beginning. 15 kilometers he passed with a broken ski. Alexei Vitsenko came 23, Andrei Melnichenko – 29th, also fallen at the beginning of the race Andrei Larkov – 30th.

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