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Jelly Bean was the latest version of the OS from Google, which won 50% of the market for Android smartphones

Over time, the Achilles heel of Android smartphones is becoming more apparent: this is indicated by the data on the rate of distribution of new versions of the mobile OS from Google. The GSMArena site drew attention to the statistics – it turned out that the latest Android operating system, which was installed by more than 50% of smartphones, was Jelly Bean, published in 2012.

Such indicators, as in iOS, Android has never been achieved, and every year the situation becomes more and more obvious: new versions of the operating system hardly reach a share of 40%. And the most current version of Android – Oreo, which was released last year, now holds a share of about 1%.

Previously, it was reported more than once that with the release of Android 8 Oreo the situation should change, but at the moment it remains the same, and vendors are slow to release updates. Moreover, even new mobile phones come out with a legacy version of Android. The situation illustrates the situation with Android 7 Nougat, released 17 months ago: as of early February 2018, it occupied 28.5% of the market, which made it the most popular version of the Android OS.

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