Apple HomePod repair will cost almost like a new column

Apple updated the page support for the smart HomePod column, which told a little about the price of repairing the device. And if you can not do it carefully, then non-warranty repairs can cost $ 280. Engadgetwrites that if you add $ 20 to shipping costs, you will get a repair cost that is close to the price of an absolutely new column. Now it is sold in the US for $ 350.

HomePod has a removable power cable. True, it is removed with great difficulty, and back insert it will be quite difficult. If a cat or other domestic living creature manages to chew it, the replacement of the cable will cost $ 30. This is noticeably more than the cost of some third-party detachable power cord, which seems more useful for such a home device.


In theory, the column will be less likely to break than the same iPhone or MacBook. These gadgets are more mobile, whereas the column’s fate is to collect dust on the chest and work with the owner in a stationary mode.

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