Apple HomePod received one point for maintainability


It seems that the high cost of non-warranty repair of Apple HomePod’s smart speakers is a simple explanation. Experts of the authoritative resource iFixit dismantled the device and came to the conclusion that almost all manipulations with him are extremely difficult. So much so that the column received only 1 point out of 10 for maintainability.

To the pluses HomePod reviewers attributed the excellent build quality, the outer protective mesh, as well as the fixing and location of some parts. Among the minuses – too strong glue, because of which it is difficult to get access to the interior of the column without the risk of damaging it. Even prolonged exposure to the hot air jet made it difficult to detach the lower cover of the HomePod.

Inside, experts found a flash drive for 16 GB, an Apple A8 chip and 1 GB of RAM.

This is not the first count from iFixit for maintainability for Apple technology. For example, the same evaluation previously received 13-inch Macbook Pro with TouchBar.

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