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The American figure skater for the first time performed a triple axel at the Olympics

American figure skater Mirai Nagasu (Mirai Nagasu) became the first representative of the United States at the Olympic Games, which managed to perform a triple axel – a jump with a thrust and a triple reversal. This element is the most complicated thing ever performed in figure skating, second only to the fourth axel that has not yet been performed .


American journalists also noted the extremely emotional reaction to Nagas after performing the most difficult reception in figure skating.

Previously, the triple axel at the Winter Olympics was successful only for two Japanese women – Midori Ito (Midori Ito) and Mao Asada (Mao Asada). The same reception outside the Olympics was able to perform only two Americans – Tonya Harding (Tonya Harding) and Kimmie Meissner (Kimmie Meissner).

Despite the record performance, Nagas took the second place in the free program of the team tournament: she was circumvented by Alina Zagitova, a member of the team of Olympic athletes from Russia. In the team competition, the United States took the third place, losing to Canada and the United Arab Republic.

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