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Cheerleaders from North Korea at the Olympics in Pyeongchang

At the winter Olympics in South Korea, North Korea sent not only athletes from the DPRK, but also a support group – girls cheerleaders. These are not random people: the government of the country specially selected them.

As the Washington Post notes , “excessive” choreography and songs of cheerleaders became a hallmark of “North Korean propaganda”. The New York Times stressed that in this way the DPRK seeks to show “the strength, confidence and stability of the regime,” and also affect the image of the country. “It seems that the trick Kim Jong-un is working on,” concluded the columnist of the publication.

At the competitions on the short track cheerleaders from North Korea sang a song with a chorus with a refrain “Nice to meet you”. This composition is usually performed during cultural exchanges involving South and North Koreans


And cheerleaders were ill during the hockey match against Switzerland. The combined team of Korea lost the meeting with a score of 0: 8, but the cheerleaders did not seem to upset it. The correspondent of the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” wrote that they shouted “Korea is one!”, “Forward, we will win!”.


Another song performed by cheerleaders from North Korea is called “Spring in My Hometown.” The composition takes roots from fighters for the liberation of Korea, who fled to Manchuria and China during the Japanese occupation.

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