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At the launch of Falcon Heavy, the Polem-Mem took part with a “crazy party”

Polyak Tomasz Czajka (Tomasz Czajka), known for his memo about “crazy IT-party” or “patiharde”, participated in the launch of the ultra-heavy Falcon Heavy rocket company SpaceX. The mission, launched on the night of February 7, has become one of the main events in the space sphere lately.

The fact that Chaika works in SpaceX, the Polish media reported back in February 2014. The new post did not come as a surprise to his friends: the engineer was a laureate of many mathematical competitions and olympiads, and also worked for six years at Google. He graduated in Warsaw and Purdue American University.

February 8, 2018 for the first time it became known that Chaika participated in the preparation of the launch Falcon Heavy. This was reported by the Polish Information Society, which brings together IT professionals.

It turned out that Chaika was one of those engineers, without which the launch of Falcon Heavy could not take place. Pole developed software for the control system SpaceX.


Polish IT specialists congratulated Chaika on his successes and wished him not to dwell on what has been achieved. They called him “the best ambassador of Polish computer science in the world”.

The seagull does not hide the place of its work. In Facebook he repeatedly told about the news of SpaceX, answered questions and whether in jest, or seriously wrote that he personally saw a UFO.

A photo with four young people from 1997 began to spread in Russia in the first half of the 2000s. Among the guys who “know how to have fun,” Tomáš Chaika was the only one who did not wear glasses.

The original of the viral snapshot is still available on the site of the scientific camp, in which Chaika was with colleagues in 1997. In 2014, Russia spread the news of the reunification of the quartet, but it turned out to be a fake.


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