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The first Russian medal at the Olympics was brought by a short-tracker, who was temporarily suspended due to doping

Short track player Semyon Elistratov became the third at a distance of 1500 meters and won a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. This is the first Russian award at the competitions in South Korea.

Elistratov finished the race with the result of 2 minutes 10,687 seconds. The first place was won by the Korean Lim He Hyun, who set the Olympics record – 2 minutes 10,485 seconds. The second was Shinky Kneagt from the Netherlands, who overcame the distance in 2 minutes 10,555 seconds.

According to the decision of the IOC, Yelistratov, like other Russian athletes, made a neutral appearance. It indicates OAR or an Olympic athlete from Russia.

In April 2016, the International Skating Union lifted the temporary restraint from Elistratova, imposed due to a positive doping test in the meldonia. Since that moment the athlete was allowed to return to training and again participate in competitions. “I’m extremely happy, extremely happy that everything ended well, and once again I can confirm that this drug I did not drink in the summer of 2015”, – ciiauae Yelistratov.

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