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“This is a promo action and a trick”: Roscosmos’ first reaction to the launch of Falcon Heavy

The executive director of communications Roscosmos Igor Burenkov on the air of the radio station Ekho Moskvy called the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket to private company SpaceX Elon Musk a successful promotion and a “very good trick.”


Burenkov acknowledged that the launch of Falcon Heavy, like any other successful mission, helps to expand the “horizons of astronautics”. However, he said that Mask launched a missile in the calculation of attracting investment.

There are private companies that are very good at business and, in general, are interested in attracting additional investments in their business. And of course, they are different for this purpose, they hold promotions.

If you notice, this launch was accompanied not by an empty blanket or some kind of load, which in principle would not be a pity to lose in case of failure, but it was accompanied by a concrete car.

There is for sure the reason. If you look closely, we immediately guess that this car is also not a stranger.

Igor Burenkov
executive director for communications of Roskosmos

According to the representative of Roskosmos, Mask sent into space a personal sports car Tesla cherry color for the sake of advertising. Burenkov is sure that the founder of the car manufacturer did it on the eve of the shareholders’ meeting.

Tesla intends to publish a quarterly report on February 7. In November 2017, the company described the largest quarterly loss ($ 671 million) caused by the production of Model 3, as well as covering the demand for Model S and Model X. Since 2008, the company has sold more than 250,000 machines. For the third quarter of 2017, its revenues grew by 10% and reached $ 2.36 billion.

Soon, the next meeting, so you need to somehow correct the case. Things are bad for Tesla – everyone knows this.

Igor Burenkov
executive director for communications of Roskosmos

Journalists asked Burenkov if it offended him that Roscosmos launches attracted far less attention than SpaceX. He explained that the Russian space agency also has achievements that can be proud of.

“Echo of Moscow” : It’s a shame? That’s even insulting to me. I want to be proud of our space industry.

Burenkov : Yes why it is insulting? You can be proud of our space industry. We have a lot of stories on the Internet and different materials that are watched by a very large number of people around the world. So we made the project ” Space 360 ” – it was viewed by more than 65 million people around the world. Well, be proud.

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