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Professional mobile gamer in China sold for $ 1.2 million

In big football last year, a record transfer was made: Neimar moved from “Barcelona” to “PSG” for $ 270 million with a tail. The records of e-sports are much more modest, but they are also capable of impressing. In China, Zhang “Lao Shuai” Yuchenya, a professional player in the mobile Honor of Kings (analog of the League of Legends), sold to another team for $ 1.2 million.

The e-sports market is rather closed and teams rarely disclose details of the transfer of players. According to rumors, in November 2015, the Chinese “Lohler” moved to another team for $ 7.85 million, but this amount has never been officially confirmed.

As for the current deal, the money flowed from the financial bins of GK Gaming into the AG Super Play piggy bank.

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