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Norwegian Olympians brought several thousand doses of asthma medicines to Pyeongchang

Journalists of the NRK television company found that the Norwegian Olympic team brought over six thousand doses of asthma medicines and more than 500 inhalers of various types to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

According to the broadcasting corporation, the medical equipment of the Norwegians turned out to be several times larger than their neighbors’ reserves: for the whole Finnish team, which includes 65 people, 60 doses of drugs are needed. For comparison, the national team consists of 108 athletes.

Representatives of Finland, Sweden and Germany noted that they did not take devices for inhalation of bronchodilators and other anti-asthmatic agents in Pyeongchang. At the same time, the equipment of the Norwegian national team included 490 portable and stationary atomizers.

According to the head of the medical team of Norway, Mona Kjeldsberg (Mona Kjeldsberg), drugs and funds are intended for “all 250 people responsible for the Olympics.” She added that the required amount was calculated based on the indicators from previous games.

Earlier, the head of the medical commission of the Norwegian Anti-Doping Service, Per Medboe Thorsby , said that many Norwegians take anti-asthmatic drugs with other problems with the respiratory system – even if they have not been diagnosed with asthma.

In July 2016, the Sporting Arbitration Court stripped several martial arts athletes from Martin Sundbu and disqualified him for two months. The Norwegian was convicted of an anti-doping rule violation because of the increased dose of the substance that is part of the popular asthma medicine.

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