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Google is working on a game console and streaming games on “irons”

With gamers, YouTube did not. The company could not buy Twitch, and YouTube Gaming remained very limited in the possibilities of the site. Unnamed sources The Information argue that the company wants to firmly enter the gaming industry by creating its own console and streaming games on any “iron” user with a screen that does not have enough power to fully launch the game.

The service is still listed under the code name Yeti and will be promoted with a game console made by Google. In addition, Google Yeti will work on the digital media player Chromecasts.

Actually, like most games for streaming games, Google’s offspring will provide access to games on their servers, without the need to download or buy them on the disk. Games will be available by subscription model – with monthly deductions. However, some similar services still require the purchase of the original game, so that the user can play in them.

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