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In the first trailer “Venom” showed screaming Tom Hardy in blue socks

Sony Pictures has published a teaser trailer for the film “Venom” with Tom Hardy in the lead role. A short movie does not reveal the intrigue at all – a mysterious creature does not seem to muzzle, one can only hear the protagonist’s cries and a couple of shots with explosions and cars flying up to the air.

Little is known about the film so far. It will deal with an alien creature, one of the main antagonists of Spider-Man, the symbiote Venom, a sentient being who has settled into the body of journalist Eddie Brock. Previously, all the clarifying questions from the authors of the tape was the answer: everything is fine, we have Tom Hardy in the title role, everyone will be very pleased.

The film also starred Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Tom Holland, Woody Harrelson and other actors. The director of fiction in the universe of comics Marvel is Ruben Fleischer (“Hunters on gangsters,” “Welcome to Zombilend”). The premiere of “Venom” is planned for the end of October 2018.

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