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SpaceX will not give big discounts on the launch of second-hand Falcon 9 missiles

Hans Koenigsmen , Vice President for Quality of Assembly and Reliability, SpaceX, said that customers should not expect to receive large discounts when sending their cargoes on previously launched Falcon 9 reusable missiles.

According to Koenigsmenna, the “beau” missile is even better than the new one: if it has withstood the first flight and return to the surface of the Earth, it is collected qualitatively. “I do not think that any existing wear makes it worse, ” said SpaceX spokesman.

The Falcon 9 was originally designed as a reusable rocket. In the future, this should reduce the cost of launches, because companies do not have to build a new copy each time.

Last night, SpaceX first conducted a test flight of the super-heavy Falcon Heavy. As accelerators used previously used Falcon 9. After the start of Falcon Heavy they synchronously landed on the site.

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