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A new trailer for “Deadpool 2” was released, which will introduce Cable

In the personal YouTube account of actor Ryan Reynolds, a new trailer for the superhero action movie “Deadpool 2” appeared. In it, viewers are introduced to the mutant Cable, who first appears in the franchise. Deadpool demonstrated on the collection figures his fight with this mutant.

As in previous trailers, the creators of “Deadpool” are trying to destroy the fourth wall and are one-sided with the audience. This is also to be expected in the full-length picture.

The film’s synopsis corresponds to the general crazy mood of the trailers. You just read this: “Having survived the deadly attack of bulls, the disfigured cafeteria chef tries to fulfill his dream – to become the hottest bartender in Mayberry – and at the same time cope with lost taste sensations. To restore the sharpness of feelings, and also the streaming drive, Wade will have to fight with the ninja, yakuza and a pack of sexually aggressive dogs, while he travels around the globe and understands the importance of family, friendship and taste – and at the same time discovers a new craving for adventure and earn the coveted inscription on the mug “The Best Lover in the World”.

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