What is MFi certification and why is it important?

The problem of choosing a quality accessory for Apple technology, it seems, is always relevant. Well, the market there is a huge amount of cables, adapters and other Chinese “garbage”, from which your device can come to an end.

But buying an original adapter or cable from Apple is not always possible – too expensive. In this case, there is also a solution: buy MFI-certified accessories.

What is MFI certification?

The MFI certification program was announced back in 2005. Thanks to her, accessories manufacturers officially get the opportunity to cooperate with Apple.

MFI stands for Made For iPhone / iPod / iPad – created for iPhone / iPod / iPad.

To obtain a license, a manufacturer must comply with a huge list of requirements – from company status to production quality.

The procedure, in some cases, can be very simple. As a rule, if this company is widely known in the market, for example, Belkin. In this case, the company does not require heaps of documentation, but simply bring several working samples.

Why is MFI really important?

See the message above? So this is the first sign that your, for example, Lightning-cable is incompatible with the iPhone and iPad. iOS trite will not let him work.

Secondly, even if the manufacturer somehow managed to bypass the protection, this does not mean that your cable for 10 rubles from AliExpress will not stop working tomorrow, or it will not “kill” the device.

So why is it so important?

1 . Because there is a guarantee that after the iOS update, the components will continue to work normally.

2 . There are no problems with charging or synchronization with the computer.

3 . The materials used for the manufacture of accessories, the highest quality and safe for health.

Note the presence of the MFI logo on the packaging of the accessory. It is important.

And to make it easier for you, here’s a list of companies you can trust :

— Native Union
— Belkin
— Lemfo
— Biaze
— Anker
— Remax
— FuseChicken

This list is not complete.

Well, of course, all the declared “chips” of the accessory, be it a high data transfer rate or headphone control via Siri, will work 100%. And errors in the work will not occur.

You can check the certification of the accessory at this link .

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