Top 25 Lightning cables from USA, AliExpress and Russia

Apple branded cables are very short lived. Accessories out of the box can hardly live for a year and a half of active use.

Satisfied with the situation only those who change the iPhone with the same frequency. All others have been looking for Lightning cables from third-party manufacturers.

We did most of the work for you: we selected the most worthy offers from China, the USA and Russia. The first ones are distinguished by an affordable price, but they go for about a month, the second ones are on the American market, but you have to buy through intermediaries, and still others are available now, go and take them.

What is MFi certification and why is it important?

All cables in the collection have been certified by MFI and are 100% suitable for use with current Apple devices.

1. AmazonBasics Lightning

Top 25 Lightning cables from USA, AliExpress and Russia

One of the most successful American companies could not stay away from the market of accessories for the iPhone. Amazon offers high-quality branded Lightning cable.

There are black and white options, a choice of four lengths: 10 cm, 91 cm, 182 cm and 305 cm. You can also order a set of 24 pieces, then each Lightning will cost less than $ 5.

Amazon price: from $ 6.49

2. Anchor PowerLine + II Lightning

Anker accessories have always been robust and durable. The second generation PowerLine + is no exception.

The cable is able to withstand more than 30,000 twisting and bending, the permissible load on the gap – up to 79 kg. Length 182 cm, complete shipping cover, a choice of four colors.

Amazon Price: $ 17.99

3. Aimus Lightning Cable

In this model, emphasis is placed on the durability of connectors. The cable is suitable for those who have their own accessories break in this place.

The length is 182 cm, durable connector that does not allow the cable to break and the indicator light to search for an accessory in the dark.

Amazon Price: $ 8.99

4. iXCC Element Series 4

Convenient 12 centimeter cable. It is useful for charging from the computer when the outlet is near the table or for use on the road with PowerBank.

Amazon Price: $ 5.99

5. 10ft Lightning Cable

One of the longest Lightning cables. With it you can be at a distance of 3 meters from the outlet.

The cable is strong and durable, up to 10,000 twists. There is a convenient fixer on a flypaper.

Amazon price: from $ 9.99

Important: deliver goods from Amazon to Russia through the service of intermediaries . The goods will be accepted in the USA and transported to Russia. It remains to pick up the parcel around the house.

6. Native Union BELT

Convenient fabric braided cable with a special leather strap for fixing. Not tangled when carrying, length – 1.2 meters.

Price per re: Store: 3 980 руб.

7. Belkin MIXIT Metallic Lightning

The cable is of medium length (1.2 meters) performed by Belkin. Durable, wear-resistant, there are four color options.

Price per re: Store: 2 990 руб.

8. Nomad Carabiner Lightning

The durable polycarbonate and high-grade steel carabiner hides a small Lightning-USB cable. Comfortable design allows you to carry it with you always.

Price per re: Store: 1 590 руб.

9. Energea Alutough Lightning

Bright 1.5-meter cable will not get lost even in a big pile of things, gadgets or accessories. Special weaving with Kevlar thread is very durable, prevents wear and tangling.

Price per re: Store: 2 980 руб.

10. Native Union Lightning

This keychain cable can be worn with keys. It is very bright and durable. The fabric braid from nylon increases wear resistance.

Price in re: Store: 2 290 руб.

11. Qumo Lightning-USB

This cable has protection for the most vulnerable places – connectors. There are steel springs in the braid, they prevent damage to the cable. The length of the accessory is 1 meter.

Price in iCases: 990 rubles.

12. Tailed Flyp-Duo Reversible

The features of this cable include a removable Lightning connector that turns the cable into USB – microUSB, and a flat cable. The so-called “noodles” practically does not tangle even with not very careful use.

Price in iCases: 1 990 rub.

13. Fuse Chicken Bobine Blackout Auto

This accessory can serve as a stand or holder for a smartphone. Rigid design allows you to set the desired angle and position. Cable length – 60 cm.

Price in iCases: 2 990 rubles.

14. Fuse Chicken Rivet Charge

The meter cable is equipped with five special magnets. They allow you to select the desired length, and the rest of the cable is kept securely in a twisted state.

Price in iCases: 2 490 rub.

15. Swiss+Tech Key Cables

Beautiful multifunction keychain with built-in flashlight, if you remove the protective covers, you get a short adapter with USB to Lightning.

Price in iCases: 3,290 rubles.

16. Ugreen Original Lightning

One of the easiest and most affordable MFI Lightning cables. A choice of black and white colors, length options are as follows: 25 cm, 50 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm.

AliExpress price: from 279 руб.

17. Ugreen 2 в 1 Lightning + microUSB

To charge different smartphones useful universal cable with a double connector. You can choose a length from 50 cm to 1.5 m.

AliExpress price: from 341 руб.

18. Baseus MFI Lightning

A relatively short cable (75 cm) is placed in a convenient carrying case. Quickly removed and returned inside, with almost no tangles.

AliExpress price: from 871 руб.

19. Momax 3 in 1 USB A/Type C/Lightning

The most universal cable of 2018. With it, you can charge almost any smartphone or tablet. Removable connectors are never lost. Cable length – 1 meter.

Цена на AliExpress: 1 220 руб.

20. Original Xiaomi ZMI MFI

The meter cable for iPhone and iPad from Xiaomi. The wires are hidden in strong braiding, and the connectors are equipped with metal plates, the cable can be used with magnetic organizers to hold the wires.

Цена на AliExpress: 576 руб.

21. Syncwire Lightning

One of the most durable cables from China. Designed for 30,000 flexings, several times greater than the original time of service.

Цена на AliExpress: 580 руб.

22. Belkin 90 degree Lightning

The Belkin cable 120 cm long has the convenient angular connector. It is useful when using in the car or for charging during games.

Цена на AliExpress: 1 394 руб.

23. USAMS lightning

The cable is as close as possible to the original one; it only gives out the manufacturer’s logo. Length – 1 meter.

AliExpress price: from 371 руб.

24. MOMAX Short Lightning

Short 11 centimeter cable with artificial leather braid. There is a special mount for the loop.

Цена на AliExpress: 1 383 руб.

25. Belkin Lightning Leather Tassel

Original female accessory with built-in charging cable. It will look great on a handbag.

Price on AliExpress: 2 325 руб.

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