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The Doomsday Clock hand was moved forward – two minutes left before the end of the world

The arrow was shifted by 30 seconds.

Journal of the University of Chicago, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, reported on the Doomsday Clock hand 30 seconds ahead. Thus, the clock now shows 23:58 – until midnight and the end of the world two minutes left.

Scientists called the cause of the arrow shift “the failure of Donald Trump and other world leaders in eliminating the threat of nuclear war and climate change.”

The world has become not just more dangerous than it was a year ago. Now it is as dangerous as during the Second World War. Doomsday watches are as close to midnight as they were in 1953, when fears of the Cold War reached their highest levels.representatives of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists magazine

In 1953, the United States and the Soviet Union, with a nine-month difference, tested their thermonuclear bombs. The hands of the clock never came closer to midnight than in 1953 and 2018.

Doomsday Clock – the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists project, launched in 1947 by the manufacturers of the first American atomic bomb. The time left until midnight symbolizes international tension and progress in the development of nuclear weapons. Midnight is the moment of a nuclear cataclysm. In 2015, the hands of the Doomsday Clock were moved three minutes before midnight. In 2017, two and a half minutes remained until midnight .

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