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“His Best Movie for Years”: Horror with Nicolas Cage Received 100% Positive Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

The meme actor, who was accused of poor play and promiscuity in films, was able to surprise critics at the Sundance festival.

On January 22, at the annual American Independent Film Festival Sundance, Mandy was shown for the first time: a horror story about a man who lost his wife and started hunting for a religious cult to avenge her. The main role was played by Nicolas Cage, whose peak career was the Oscar for Best Actor in 1996.

On the Internet, a Hollywood actor became the hero of several memes at once: from facial expressions to photos in a Kazakhstan kurt. Also, the fame of a bad actor, who starred in many low-quality films every year, was entrenched in Cage in social networks. Since 2005, he was nominated five times for Golden Raspberry for the worst male role – a record number. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, many of his films received only 0% to 20% of critics’ positive reviews.

However, “Mandy” liked the journalists who visited the “Sundance”. All 13 critics, including representatives of The Verge and Varierty, praised the horror with Cage, which is why the film’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing is 100%.

Thrillist called Mandy “the best Nicolas Cage movie for years.” Other publications also praised the Hollywood actor, at the same time calling the picture “a combination of” Mad Max “and the Iron Man competition.”

Mandy is an acid trip, and sometimes you’ll want to stop it all. But while this trip continues, it gives you 100% insane performance of Cage.

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The movie is crazy. Even until the moment when Nicolas Cage sniffs out the “path” of coke from the shattered glass.


Nicolas Cage, dressed only in white shorts and a tattered T-shirt with a tiger, drinks a bottle of vodka, howls in pain, and after a few seconds looks straight into your soul. […] After many years in the wilderness, Nicolas Cage’s confidence has returned.


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