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Bill Gates once again became a “secret Santa” for one of the users of Reddit

Among the gifts - a 13-pound plush cat named Pushin.

Every year, Reddit users play Secret Santa and anonymously send Christmas presents to each other. In 2013, they were joined by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates: first he presented a girl named Rachel with a small plush cow and a National Geographic book. The following year, he sent a fan of actor Tom Hiddleston to Loki’s helmet (whom he plays in Marvel comics). In 2016, Gates presented the Xbox One and Nintendo Classic Edition consoles.

In 2017, he got a Reddit user under the nickname VivetteLLC, who told in a secret Santa questionnaire about her great love for cats. Therefore, Gates gave her “the biggest cat I could find” – Pushin’s 13-kilogram plush toy, the character of books and stickers on Facebook.

VivetteLLC also received $ 750 donation certificates for charity on her behalf. This is the tradition of the co-founder of Microsoft: every year he makes contributions for those who came to him on Reddit.

Despite the anonymity of “secret Santa,” Gates confirmed with a photo that the gift was really from him.

Among other gifts that went to Gates’ Reddit user:

  • A book on cat shelters with a note inside;
  • a book on how to run your startup;
  • snow globe with a toy kitten inside;
  • Japanese Daruma doll;
  • T-shirt of her favorite rock band;
  • souvenirs associated with the series Doctor Who;
  • a scroll with a Skyrim map from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim;
  • $ 150 certificate to a clothing store.
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