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Durov about healthy lifestyles and building a society on “other values”

The founder of “VKontakte” on his birthday remembers the traditional format of seven theses.

Pavel Durov. 
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On October 10, on the day of his 33rd birthday and the 11th anniversary of the VKontakte social network, Pavel Durov shared a new manifesto on his own principles for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In his opinion, for creative existence, society needs to abandon self-destructive habits and traditions.

The list of things that Durov urges to give up includes medical drugs and “television analogs”. At the same time, Durov has his own channel on YouTube (admittedly, it is empty yet), and his video platform, embedded in the Telegram messenger, assumes the continuity of watching videos in the background.

7 things that I refused many years ago – and which I recommend to refuse to anyone who is engaged in creation:

1) Alcohol;

2) Animal meat;

3) Tablets and any pharmaceutical products;

4) Nicotine and other drugs;

5) Coffee, black and green tea, energy;

6) Fast food, sugar, carbonated drinks;

7) Television and its analogs.

Someday I will describe in detail the reasons for the rejection of each of these points. In short: they are all addictive and affect the mind.

Some young people feel the need to lead a healthy lifestyle, but break under the pressure of society. They are told: “This is customary,” “Otherwise it is impossible,” “This is disrespect.

I am writing this to show: “so” is possible. If you feel that this path is the right one, ignore your environment.

A society whose traditions are based on self-poisoning has no future. We can fully build our life and our world on other values ​​- the values ​​of creation, self-development and diligence.

Pavel Durovfounder of VKontakte and Telegram

Last time, the similar manifesto Durov published in June 2012 on “Snob”, where he talked about the ascetic way of life in a rented apartment and about his attitude to money and food: “Those who would like to change places with me will also have to completely give up alcohol , meat and expensive clothes. ” According to the former employee of VKontakte Anton Rosenberg, the allegations about the refusal of real estate and expensive cars were correct according to the wording, but not in essence: the apartments were allegedly reissued to the entrepreneur’s mother, and he continued to drive in a white Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman.

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