How much can you earn if you build a cryptocurrency miner in a site

Not very much - if your site is not as popular as The Pirate Bay.

On September 16, it became known that The Pirate Bay, the largest pirate torrent tracker, integrated the Monero cryptocurrency miner into the site code. When the user opens the TPB page, his browser starts to execute JavaScript code that solves the problem of decrypting the hash of the Monero blockchain. It looks like a replacement for advertising: the user does not watch the banner and does not pay money directly, but while looking for torrents, TPB makes some money through mining through his computer and electricity.

This monetization model, in line with the spirit of 2017, made even some Russian publishers reflect on its effectiveness. Dmitry Navosha, CEO: “You share thoughts and / or information with people. They are with you – unclaimed computing power. There is a certain beauty to this idea. ”

But the details of the project are not as impressive as Navosha’s understanding of the concept. Thus, it will not be possible to effectively mine any cryptocurrency – only some specific ones that can be sharpened for such distributed computing based on JavaScript code. The creators of the Coinhive library (which TPB used) managed to do this, although, according to experts, mining Monero using processor capacities is even more inefficient than bitcoin.

The developer from Cambodia, Max Cornet, conducted an experiment on a small site, which is visited by only a thousand people a day. Three days later, he talked about its results: it turned out that in 60 hours his visitors had mined $ 0.89, that is, he earned 36 cents a day, or about $ 10 a month.

Ilya Vorobyov from the Chain Media channel’s Telegram channel shared another rating . According to his calculations, TPB can earn about 47.5 thousand dollars a month with the help of the Monero miner. Not bad, but considering that the site has about 315 million visits per month, each of which lasts an average of 5 minutes 17 seconds. This is a very good statistic, usually attractive for advertisers – if The Pirate Bay weren’t a pirate site right through: before that, it had to place popunder banners for various online casinos. But, as TorrentFreak writes , the miner does not work on every page of the TPB website, so in reality, earnings are much less than the voiced assessment.

Vorobyov gave another example: the popular cryptocurrency publication CoinTelegraph has an attendance of about 8.7 million visits per month for 3 minutes each (both here and TPB have Similarweb data). Such attendance would bring the publication only 700 dollars per month of earnings on the Monero miner – this is the maximum salary of one editor, and then not in the West. According to Vorobyov, paid publication of only one press release on CoinTelegraph costs more – 0.5 bitcoin, or about 1800-2000 dollars. Even a popular publication is more profitable to earn on other models.

The miner at The Pirate Bay works secretly: the page does not say anywhere that the site uses the user’s computer resources to make money. At the same time, the creators of Coinhive do not encourage the hidden use of their library, although they do not prohibit it. Be that as it may, such mining for a torrent tracker will definitely be more effective than crowdfunding via cryptocurrencies: the last time the project received a donation to its Bitcoin wallet (the address of which is still written on the main page) already in July 2016.

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