Photo: Latest Cassini probe images

The mission of the probe lasted 20 years and ended in the atmosphere of Saturn.

NASA Photos

On September 15, the Cassini interplanetary probe burned out in the atmosphere of Saturn, completing a 20-year mission. The probe launched from Earth in October 1997, in 2004 it reached Saturn, in orbit, it spent 13 years.

The probe descended into the clouds of Saturn, the last signal from Cassini arrived at 14:55 Moscow time, but it was sent much earlier – the signal went to Earth for about 86 minutes. According to NASA experts, for 13 years the batteries were depleted at the probe, and the decision to immerse it in the atmosphere was made so that its debris would not damage Saturn’s satellites Titan and Enceladus.

NASA has published the latest images of the probe. In total, Cassini took more than 453 thousand photographs, they helped to study the satellites of Saturn – Titan, Iapetus and Enceladus. The probe also sent photos of rings, vortices and auroras.

Titan, Saturn’s largest satellite

Goodbye Kiss, a snapshot of Titan

Rings of Saturn

One of the most recent images of the western hemisphere of Saturn

Last Cassini Probe Photo in Color
Cassini Program Manager Earl Mayes (center) announces its completion

Saturn’s ring structure

Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons

“Cassini showed us the beauty of Saturn. 
He discovered our best features. 
We must continue to make new discoveries. ”

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