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Highly dangerous video blogger

The neighbors of the YouTube blogger complained about the constant parties, fires and riots, which he arranges for the sake of the commercials. He has already been fired by the Disney Channel.

Jake paul

American video blogger Jake Paul (Jake Paul) was fired from the Disney Channel, where he played a major role in the series “Page and Frankie” (Bizaardvark).

The author of the YouTube channel with 8.5 million subscribers has problems with neighbors who intend to file a collective suit against him for disturbing public order. Paul makes videos about how he plays with friends in his mansion: sets fire to things in the backyard, rides a motorcycle, plays passers-by, reads rap.

Neighbors against

On July 18, KTLA5 published a story about the house of a famous blogger in Los Angeles and how neighbors get along with him. The story showed that Paul lives with a group of friends, with whom he regularly holds parties. Dozens of fans gather around his house who want to take a photo or get an autograph.

In the video, Paul stated that the neighbors “really hate” him. When asked by a reporter about why he “suits the circus,” the blogger remarked: “But in reality, people love the circus, right?”

Several people told the channel that they were unhappy with their neighborhood with a popular blogger. They complained about the noisy parties, large crowds of people and unsafe experiments with fire, which are arranged by Paul. Neighbors intend to file a complaint with the city council and a class action lawsuit, since, according to them, the blogger did not respond to numerous complaints.

Mic talked to several of Paul’s neighbors, and also studied the message on the district forum. In one of the threads called “The YouTube ought to leave,” the locals asked for help in coping with the problem.

Neighbors noted that the most popular videos of modern bloggers were filmed on the street, and if they were forbidden to terrorize their neighbors, they would lose their popularity.

These YouTube make money on people who watch videos made on the street. If we all watch only home videos (which, to be honest, are not so popular), then the street video market will quickly collapse, they will have to reconsider their business model.anonymous neighbor jake paul

Fired Disney Channel

On July 23, the Disney Channel announced Paul’s dismissal from the Page and Frankie show in the middle of season two. The show started in 2016, according to the plot the main characters compose songs and post them on the Internet, trying to create a popular YouTube channel.

The channel released a short message in which he thanked Paul for his work for 18 months and noted that the decision was mutual.

Paul published an appeal to fans, in which he commented on the latest “crazy news.” According to the blogger, he came to the decision to “move on”, including to make content for a more adult audience.

In addition to the production of videos, Paul is producing bloggers in his agency Team 10. For some of them, he allows them to live in their own home and create content together.

Fake arrest and overnight at the White House

A 20-year-old blogger turned his YouTube channel into an analogue of a reality show, the main stars of which are he, his brother and girlfriend. The most popular videos of Paul, besides music videos, are about how he allegedly married his girlfriend, was arrested and presented his brother with an expensive car.

In January 2017, Paul published a video from the White House: he was invited there along with other popular bloggers. As a result, the author hid in the bathroom, where he stayed until 3 am, then quietly left the building without being guarded. After it was reported that the Secret Service visited the house of Paul and warned him about the possible consequences of such an act.

Most of Paul’s videos are staged, he turned to the viewers in them and asked “not to believe fakes,” and also arranged pranks or talked with passersby. After the news of a possible lawsuit against the blogger, he published a video about his own arrest by dummy police.

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