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Journalists exposed actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s website selling stickers for “balancing energy”

Stickers worth $ 120 were advertised as being created using NASA technology, but the space agency said they did not have such technology.

The website of the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who sells products for a healthy lifestyle, sold stickers called Body Vibes for $ 120. The stickers, according to the advertisement, were allegedly made from the same material as the NASA astronaut’s spacesuits. The site indicated that if you wear these stickers on yourself for at least a month and drink plenty of water, then you can get rid of diseases, stress and normalize sleep.

Gizmodo reporters drew attention to a strange product by calling the aerospace agency. They answered that no “carbon materials” of which the stickers were supposedly made for energy circulation are not used in creating spacesuits. Then the journalists asked the representatives of Body Vibes to provide them with some kind of scientific research, which confirms that the stickers sold have a positive effect on health.

Representatives of the company, having learned about the answer from NASA, apologized for the incorrect description of the products, saying that they were misled by suppliers. They promised to remove stickers from sale. However, they are still being sold on the site , only now it’s half the price for $ 60. NASA is no longer mentioned in the product description. Although the effect on the “energy resonance” remains.

Gwyneth Paltrow is known in the United States as a promoter of a healthy lifestyle. She writes books about healthy lifestyles and campaigns for “energy practices”, such as barefoot walking. True, the actress once admitted that she herself does not believe in some of the things that are mentioned on her site.

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