We pumped Dropbox account up to 20 GB But How ?

Among the large variety of cloud services, Dropbox has always stood out as a pioneer in its niche. The Blue Box is still a recognized leader, even though competitors have long been on the heels.

The main advantage is prevalence and integration. Data exchange via Dropbox is one of the first lines in the check list of most mobile content creators. No matter how many places they donate to or Yandex, but without the support of cloud services by developers of other applications, there is not much sense from this.

Prices for the expansion of space in the cloud at Dropbox are not the most democratic. Here is a comparison with competitors in all respects.

Gone are the days when Dropbox generously donated gigabytes for installing a child application or testing a new chip. Now you can only upgrade your account by referral program, but where can you find 32 friends who still do not use this useful invention of mankind?

There are special schemes for creating fake accounts with the substitution of the MAC addresses of a network card or VPN registration, however, in Dropbox, it’s not fools either, and over time all such cheat hides and the resulting location is taken away.

There is a simple and legal way to find “friends” to connect to the cloud.

I’m ready, what to do?

1. First you need to go to your account settings and see how much space you can still get for attracting referrals. The list will display all received cloud bonuses, for example, 1 GB for connecting a bent Mailbox or several 500 MB portions for old friends.

Total Dropbox encourages for 32 referral account. You need to figure out how many more invitations you need.

2. We receive our referral link, which must be used to attract attracted users. To do this, go to a special page of the service.

3. Now register on the site Socialtools . This is an online exchange of all kinds of tasks and assignments.

When creating an account, we indicate that we are an employer.

4. Create a new company. Call it “Register with Dropbox (registration)”. Next, fill in all the required fields. We do not limit the potential circle of performers. In the Sites section we add “Other tasks” and “Registration on the site”.

As an algorithm, we specify a similar sequence of actions:1. Follow the link your_referalnaya_link 
2. Register, specifying the mail to which the Dropbox account was not previously registered 
3. Download and install the Dropbox program on the computer 
4. Confirm the registration by replying to an incoming email 
5. Log in to the application using the specified data 
6. Upload any file to the Dropbox folder. 
Be sure to register by clicking on the link!

Below we fill the field “How to confirm the execution.” Ask to send e-mail, which was registered and a screenshot with the program running.

5. It remains to choose the cost of payment for one task and replenish the account with the required amount.

It is quite possible to indicate the minimum possible 10 rubles. Surprised, but on the stock exchange there are many who want to perform a trivial task for such a reward. Many performers only replenish the wallet by registering on sites and services.

From my own experience I will say that the required 25-30 referrals are quite realistic to wait for 4-5 days. If you raise the cost of implementation to 15-20 rubles, it will go even faster.

There is one small secret. Do not immediately declare all the required number of repetitions of tasks. Indicate 8-10 times, and then daily extend the task for another 5-7 runs. So the campaign will not get lost among others and will regularly climb to the top.

What now

It remains to wait and once a day to check the execution of the task. If the artist does everything correctly, a dropbox notification will be sent to the post office. It is only necessary to find the mail from the letter among those who send the performers and confirm the execution. The indicated amount will be withdrawn from the account.

Unfortunately, not all performers are distinguished by attentiveness and punctuality, many decide to skip some steps at their discretion. Dropbox in this case will tell you at what stage the hitch occurred. You can write it in correspondence and ask the artist to finish / fix something.

The statistics on my assignment is as follows: 28 people successfully coped with it (9 of them completed everything from the first time without errors, the rest of the assignments completed the task), and another 22 performers could not or did not want to carry out the procedure to the end. Many did not confirm registration by mail, did not install the application, or did not use the referral link at all.

It is a pity that almost half of the users who have started the task could not do this simple procedure, because then all this would take less time.

If there are not so many performers, you can raise the price for implementation.

This is how it is possible to pump your Dropbox account in a few days at minimal cost.

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