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Interesting facts about vodka (11 photos)

Slightly Friday topic: interesting facts about the most Russian of drinks.

1. In comparison with other alcoholic drinks Vodka is the purest drink in the world, because it contains less fusel oils.

2. Branded vodka “Moscow special” bottle was patented in 1894.

3. A liter of vodka weighs 953 grams.

4. The State Defense Committee Decree № 56200 of the famous “front hundred grams” was adopted August 22, 1941.

5. Before use vodka should always be cooled to 8-10 degrees Celsius. The cooler hides the vodka taste, so sometimes the café serves cold vodka too, if poor quality.

6. The prototype of vodka (Aqua Vita) was introduced in Russia by the Italians in 1429.

7. During the reign of Catherine II was considered the most elite vodka drink in the world.

8. Until 1885 vodka was sold on tap only pails (12.3 liters).

9. mistaken are those who say that vodka does not deteriorate. The shelf life is 12 months vodka.

10. January 31, 1865 Mendeleev defended his doctoral thesis “On the connection of alcohol with water.”



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