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The most beautiful modern women politicians (15 photos)

In today’s world, a woman politician is not a rarity. Along with the men of the fair sex are actively involved in the election, become members of parliament, mayors get chairs and even control the entire states. Despite their high positions, women politicians do not forget to monitor their appearance. Then we offer to meet with 15 most beautiful women politicians.

Eunice Olsen
Singapore politician, while she was in the Parliament of Singapore. Prior to that, she was an actress, model, musician and businesswoman.

Eva Kaili
Greek politician, representative of the “Panhellenic Socialist Movement”, is now a member of the European Parliament. Before come into politics, was the leading television news.

Hina Rabbani Khar
Pakistani politician, representative of the Pakistan People’s Party. It was also the 26th Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. Of particular prominence Hina Rabbani Khar has acquired due to the ability to dress stylishly. Hina Rabbani Khar held the position of Minister of State for Economic Affairs for three years and another two years has been the Minister of Finance and Economy. From 2008 to 2011, the news of the world economy often included her name in its editions.


Alina Kabaeva
Russian politician, representative of the “United Russia” party in power. A former athlete, Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics.


Luciana Leon
Luciana León Romero Midagros – policy of the Republic of Peru. She is the daughter of well-known Peruvian politician Romulo Leon. It is known as the most fashionable politician in Peru.


Marianne Thieme
Dutch politician, a member of Animal Welfare. He is a member of the Dutch parliament in 2006, and still looks very good.

Thoresen Ferris
Irish politician, a member of the party “Sinn Fein”. It is considered the most beautiful politician in Ireland.

Kate Ellis,
Australian politician, a representative of the Labour Party of Australia and a member of parliament since 2004. It is considered a style icon in Australian politics.

Cajetan Alvarez
Spanish politician, member of the People’s Party of Spain. By profession Cajetan Alvarez – a journalist.

Liška Vera
Austrian politician, representative of the Social Democratic Party of Austria. Prior to a career in politics has been part of the Olympic swim team.


Gabriela Cuevas Barron
Mexican politician, member of the National Action Party. Previously was a federal deputy of the lower house of the Mexican Congress.


Orly Levy
Israeli politician, member of the national-patriotic party “Israel Our Home”. It is considered the most beautiful politician in the history of Israel.

Sabin Uitslag
Dutch politician, a representative of the political party “Christian Democratic Appeal”.

Bibiana Aidoo

Spanish politician, representative of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party. It is also used to be the Minister for Equality.


Setrida Giga


Lebanese politician, a member of the party “Lebanese Forces” is considered one of the most successful women politicians in Lebanon.



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