Instruction How to set up and use Apple Pay in Russia

We cannot disclose details and show screenshots. But we will help you prepare for the start of the service. He is already tomorrow.

We’ll tell you how to enable Apple Pay, how to set it up in Russia and how to use it in stores. Go!

What you need to use Apple Pay in Russia

For starters, one of these compatible devices:

  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • Apple Watch
  • iPhone SE

If your device is not in the list, you will not be able to pay with it in offline stores and restaurants. Payment on sites via Apple Pay in Russia has not yet been launched. In the future, it will work both on the above devices and on the iPad with Touch ID sensor.

Important: first enable authorization by Touch ID or check that it is enabled. To do this, go to Settings -> Touch ID and passcode . If all the switches at the top are off, click on any and make the initial setup of the fingerprint recognition system.

Which bank card is suitable for Apple Pay

Attention. So far – only a MasterCard from Sberbank. Card type, service scheme and tariff – any.

Sberbank Visa cards and all cards of other banks are not supported (as of October 4). The situation will get better within a month – they promise to add support for about five more banks. Anyway, in the foreseeable future, only MasterCard will work with Apple Pay. Keep this in mind.

1. How to enable Apple Pay

The service will be launched on October 4 until 14:00 Moscow time.

Apple Pay is automatically activated on all compatible devices. You do not need to update the firmware or restart the phone – everything will start working as soon as the launch is officially announced.

To verify that Apple Pay is turned on for sure: open the built-in Wallet app . If there is a block with Apple Pay there, as in the screenshot above, everything works. In other cases, restart the smartphone should help.

2. How to add cards and set up Apple Pay

1. Open the Wallet app on the iPhone.
2. Click on “Add a payment card.”
3. Take a photo of the card or enter its data manually.
4. The system will approve your card.

If the system says “Your card issuer does not yet provide support for this card”, your bank or card is not supported by Apple Pay in Russia. Or there are not enough funds on the card (less than 1 ruble).

3. How to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay works with all terminals in Russia that support contactless payment methods: PayPass, PayWave, as well as NFC. You can recognize these terminals by the icon of any of the listed services.

1. Place your finger on the Touch ID sensor and hold your iPhone to the terminal.
2. The system will automatically pay if you do not release your finger.

In some cases, you will need to sign on the phone display or enter the PIN code of the card. For example, such data may be requested when making a purchase in the amount of more than 1000 rubles.

4. Does the bank charge a fee for using Apple Pay in Russia?

No. The amount of payment remains the same. Neither the bank, nor the store, nor Apple will withdraw more money from you than voiced by the store or indicated on the check.

5. Is it safe to pay through Apple Pay?

Yes. First , you do not shine a card. It is impossible to find out its number, CVV-code and other parameters. On the iPhone at the time of payment, only the map icon is displayed.

Secondly , payment is carried out using an encrypted key that cannot be intercepted. The seller will not be able to overwrite the card details.

Thirdly , all purchases through Apple Pay are authorized exclusively through the Touch ID sensor. Need a fingerprint. If your phone is stolen, they will not be able to spend money from any of the linked cards.

Today, payment through Apple Pay is as secure as possible. Not a single case of theft of money or fraud through the service has been recorded to this day.

6. How to set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch?

The main advantage of the Apple Watch: you do not need an iPhone to make payments via Apple Pay. You can leave your smartphone at home and pay for hours.

For Apple Pay to work on Apple Watch, you need to enable the 4-digit lock password on the watch. Open the Settings -> Code on the watch and enter the desired numeric password, if you have not done so previously.

Next, add a bank card in the Watch application ( Apple Pay menu ). This is a must: Apple considers the watch a separate device that is given unique encryption keys for your cards.

7. How to pay via Apple Pay with Apple Watch?

Double-click the rectangular button on the Apple Watch. In the menu that opens, select the desired card from the ones added. Then bring the clock display to the terminal.

If everything goes as it should, the clock will vibrate. Probably, payments of more than 1000 rubles will need to be confirmed by entering a PIN code or by painting on the watch screen.

Even if attackers steal your Apple Watch, they won’t be able to buy anything without a 4-digit password set for the watch.

PS: this article will be supplemented with the advent of new data and the official launch of Apple Pay in Russia. Save it to your favorites so that you can quickly solve problems if necessary.

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