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G-Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)

The lion’s share of comments is the following thesis: in the helico ride exclusively on asphalt, buy them only in order to assert themselves on the road, and the beam axle and forced the lock on the new machine worth 7+ million rubles are necessary to nobody.

This is to some extent true. That’s just people do not realize that in the world of the G-Class has long been the substitution of concepts, and this is true – not about Gelendvagen, but about the G-Class by AMG. To remember how it all started, we go back twenty years …

Outside the end of the 20th century. “Mercedes” for almost a decade produces G-Class W463 in the back. However, for the most part it’s cars, though with a comfortable, at that time, the interior, but clearly not a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”: Gelika with petrol V8 under the hood partially produced only in 93-94 years, with an already obsolete at the time the engine M117 . But the experiment was considered successful and in 1998, the year the first time in the history of the G-Class, the flagship production model G500 receives the name. Place under the hood took the latest at the time, and now a cult engine M113. On Gelendvagene he gave out 296 horsepower, which was more than enough. But someone in the marketing department of the “Mercedes” have realized that there will always be people who want even more power, more luxury, more individuality. And in 1999 he published the first model of the G-Class AMG. With the same atmospheric 113th engine but counterbore to a volume of 5.5 liters and a power of 354 hp Thus was born the model G55 AMG. Then it was no different in appearance from the G500, except those specially designed for the AMG-version 18-inch wheels: there was no wide wheel arches and chrome grille. Suspension and brakes have also been on the G500.

G55 AMG times dorestaylinga

In 2004, at the G55 AMG we set the compressor and received power 476 hp It is the “Fifty-fifth compressor” discovered Gelendvagen door to a world of asphalt pontorezok not leave the Garden Ring. Despite the fact that this car had a downshift, three fair locks, metal bumpers and quite tolerable for Offroad 18-inch “bagels”, bought it, of course, those people who did not think to go on it to travel on the road. G55 Kompressor had reinforced brakes and a much stiffer suspension for better handling, and so was a few centimeters below the G500. Outwardly it differed wider than the G500, wheel arch extensions and chrome strips on the radiator grille.


1470581150 01 G Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)

In 2007, the G55 output raised to 507 hp And in 2009, instead of 18 ‘drives G-Class by AMG received a base 19 th “rollers”. While the majority of owners and tuning firms have already put on these cars the 19th, 20th and even 21th wheels. Therefore restyling was the only answer to the “Mercedes” on the needs of the market. Stories that Gelika – it’s very expensive and very hard rubber cube on the highway, which no one has ever used is asphalt – they are about the G55 compressor. After all, more than half the volume of release of the G-Class (and sales in some countries, including in Russia) accounted for by the AMG-model.


1470581171 02 G Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)

G55 AMG Kompressor, 2007

However, theoretically exploit G55 AMG on a heavy off-road possible. Running from the G500, with normal moves, placed here without any alterations, as is so often criticized “asphalt racers’ the AMG-brake from the 55th placed in the 18-inch wheels. No dangerous protruding radiator in a car there, and bumpers are all the same honest, metal, as the G500. M113 engine renowned for its reliability, as well as a five-speed gearbox.


1470581218 03 1 G Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)


Wide arch extenders in the G55

Can not be said about the G63 AMG, which replaces the “fifty-fifth” in 2012, the year. Here and the new 7-speed gearbox and a new engine with two turbines instead of a compressor. The machine is made softer and give it a more effective brakes. It was the logical step to make the most massive asphalt Gelika more asphalt. However, new brakes required 20-inch wheels, a new bi-turbo engine – a new bumper made of plastic, covering the two low-hanging radiator. Incidentally, the “sixty-third” block only included when the reduced number of the gearbox. However, this car is really no one on the roads does not drive.



1470581160 04 G Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)


A separate line is worth noting G65 AMG with a V12 engine, but it is specific machine for those who have still to be V12, even SUV.Nothing of space is not there.

I note that the most hardcore fans have not accepted the new G55 AMG-generation Gelika. After a tough shot down, brutal and exhausting soul compressor roar 55th G63 looks like a “machine for the girls.” In some ways I agree with them, because the idea Gelendvagen by AMG itself – is absurd and beautiful at the same time. This machine must be rigid and uncomfortable, she must guzzle gasoline buckets and shake at idle. Absurd, built into an absolute, which assessed only the most dedicated fans of the brand.


1470581215 05 G Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)

With the bumper and wheels in the ‘Pampas’ has not go …


1470581245 06 G Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)

… Can only be photographed landmark in the background

And what ordinary G500, not to mention the diesel Helice? Until they were honest cars with atmospheric engine, a soft off-road suspension and 18-inch wheels to the second in 2016. I have exactly such a car, and I’m not afraid to exploit it on the roads.Moreover, I know the owners of fresh G500, which regularly and off the asphalt. However, most of the inhabitants do not see any difference between a regular G-Class and G-Class by AMG. They overlook the city glittering in the G63 sports rubber and rightly conclude that this monster for 13 million rubles nobody ever in the forest will not let go. But the G500 and G55 / G63 – it’s a completely different car. completely different people own them. And operates quite differently.


1470581218 07 G Class by AMG: as a Gelendvagen changed its image (8 photos)

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