How to get 1 TB in Google Drive

A simple and legal way to expand your cloud storage space.

For those who, from a large variety of cloud services, prefer Google Drive, there is a great opportunity to expand the volume of their storage.

Listen to the terms:

Google encourages active users of its map service with gigabytes in the cloud. Now we will tell you how not to miss such generosity and take full advantage of the offer. 

Attention! The terms of the Google promotion are such that 1 TB of disk space is provided for a period of 2 years . Of course, this solution looks like a huge fly in the ointment, but in this situation you can find advantages. After two years, the user of disk space does not lose its data in the cloud, it loses the ability to add new files, but all the old ones will be available for reading.

You can, for example, fill the cloud with a photo archive, video or music collection, and then just have access to the saved data. The solution may be suitable for freelancers to store completed projects as a portfolio.

The resulting bonus will not be tied to the account in which it was earned. Terabyte can be donated or used to another account.

Now act:

  • Sign up for the Local Experts program . Will require a Google account and age 18+.
  • Indicate your city (or any other city that you know well and have a bunch of his photos).
  • Learn the hierarchy of cartographic experts and the resulting bonuses at each level.

As you can see, the cloud space we are interested in is provided upon reaching the fourth level. Before you look at what points you earn, I’ll remind you of Google Drive tariff plans: 

1 TB per month will cost $ 9.99 , which will result in $ 239.76 for two years of use. This money we have to save.

What do points give for?

For entering data about a particular object on the map:

  • for adding a new place to the map – 1 point;
  • for correcting data on the existing location – 1 point;
  • for downloading photos of one place – 1 point;
  • for answering several questions about one place – 1 point;
  • for 2 photos of the place and writing reviews – 2 points;
  • for writing 5 reviews for 5 places – 5 points;

The process of adding data is extremely simple. On the website of the map service you find a familiar organization and write a review about it, specify the data of the company or post a photo.

The more unique and interesting places in your city you know, the easier it will be to get points for them. Get the necessary 200 points will not be easy. They are credited not immediately, but after a small check, usually this happens during the day. 

Do not stop there and over-fulfill the plan with a small margin. Moderators of the service without explanation of reasons can remove a review, photo or place on the map and the amount of points scored will decrease. I quickly collected the necessary amount of pointing stores and supermarkets, correcting the description of the outlets, which changed the name, leaving reviews of cafes and other institutions.

I recommend using bonus space on another account. After two years, when the ability to write data to the cloud disappears, you will not be able to use even the usual 15 GB of storage space. It will be necessary to free the cloud to the set limit and only then it will be possible to fully load the data.

To prevent this from happening, I recommend using the received bonus on a new account and using it to store photos, videos, music or projects. Good luck!

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