Go champion Li Sedol first outperformed Google

One of the best go players in the world, professional 9 dan Lee Sedol, won Google’s AlphaGo algorithm for the first time. it is reported by N + 1 , the broadcast of the match was conducted on YouTube .

Lee Sedoll spent all the time available to him, switching to extra minutes (by beating ) even when AlphaGo had more than an hour of “thinking” in reserve. However, he then managed to adapt to the strategy of the program, preventing it from occupying a large area on the board.

According to Sedol, to win three matches in a row and then lose one would be more painful for him than to receive such support from one victory after three defeats.

Thank you so much. This is just one game, and I have never been so congratulated for winning one game.Lee Sedol, champion of go

The game was the fourth of five planned matches between Sedole and AlphaGo. Since the go champion has lost the previous three matches , the prize pool of the championship in the amount of one million dollars will not go to him, but will be donated to charity. In 2015, AlphaGo defeated the European champion in five out of five games.

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