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Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)

A selection of brilliant and amazing inventions that saw the world this year.

Safe truck
1451456237 01 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)

It seems science fiction? And Samsung has already massively introducing this technology in Argentina. All in order to avoid accidents when overtaking their trucks.


1451456295 01 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
Half Segway half skateboard. Managed by weight transfer. It is possible to do various tricks and even dance.

Virtual Reality Simulator

1451456321 02 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)

Unlike glasses Google Glass, which complement a reality, Microsoft has introduced a full simulation of virtual reality – Microsoft HoloLens. The device is already used by NASA to simulate the surface of Mars.

Pan, who will teach you to cook

1451456277 02 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
No longer would doubt whether enough frying pan, is it time to stop, the food is ready or need to hold still? This pan itself will notify you when to turn the steak to prozharka was narimer, average.

The book, to purify water

1451456267 03 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
Per page of this book – water filters that trap up to 99% of harmful bacteria. Instructions for use are available on the pages of the book.

Vacuums for Ocean

1451456308 03 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
Simple catching debris nets – a costly and time-consuming process. The developers of this project want to place a floating boom length of 100 km and capture debris from the flow.

Personal detector air pollution

1451456244 04 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
He recognizes the composition of the air around you to keep you from breathing pollutants. Because it can be walking routes schedule so as to avoid allergens like pollen, for example.

The device, which will close on your house key

1451456253 04 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
A wonderful invention for those who frequently forgets to close the door and do not forget, but came out of the house, he begins to worry about it. After synchronization with your phone, you’ll know exactly whether your door is closed, as well as keep track of when and who comes and goes.

Chip eliminates the stoop

1451456304 05 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
Each time, once you decide to stoop, the device vibrates. Good for your health.

Smart ears

1451456243 06 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
With this device, right in the app for a smartphone, you can remove unpleasant sounds. For example, you can partially relieve itself from the “pleasure” to hear a child’s cry or the roar of a jackhammer.

Snoring prevention system

1451456256 07 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
This device works on snoring. Starts the pump, inflating cushion insert. The head changes position when lifting cushions, resulting in reduced nasopharyngeal muscles. And snoring disappears.

Biobraslet child health

1451456326 08 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
The device captures the child’s heart rate, body temperature, position and other data, and if there is cause for alarm, send parents a notice in the app for a smartphone. It will be able to predict when the baby wakes up.

Electronic band for your guitar

1451456250 08 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
Just attach the panel ACPAD to your guitar and it sounds a hundred instruments.

The toy, which you can chat

1451456253 09 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
Unlike other talking toys that only repeat the phrase for the child, this dinosaur can communicate meaningfully with children. He knows how to ask and answer questions and to recognize children’s responses.

ShiftWear – sneakers, the appearance of which you can configure using a smartphone

1451456252 10 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
hiftWear – is a stunning concept, which gives all fans of sneakers endless possibilities thanks to flexible displays that are based on electronic ink (e-ink).
Color display by the electronic paper technology, allow the use of both black and white, and color

Interactive cat and robots for the elderly

1451456247 11 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
The company Hasbro, which released a line of interactive robots for the elderly cat called Joy For All. Thanks to numerous sensors cats interactive robots can respond to affection, responding to her purr.

Hammock with a hot tub inside

1451456277 12 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
We feel this is a great invention Hydro Hammock is the most desirable thing to give!

The ball, which teaches kids to program

1451456276 13 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
The demand for the programmers is increasing rapidly, so the company Made by Many offers programming to educate children from an early age. Hackaball – toy, which is synchronized with the mobile application allows users to program when and how it will turn.

Pots that grows with plants

1451456274 14 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
These pots origami from studio Ayaskan very easy transformed into the desired size of your plant.

Lac in aerosol cans

1451456289 14 Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)
The company has released an amazing Nails INC nail polish in a spray can, which can rightfully be called the future of cosmetics



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