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Ford patented the car with built-in transformer

004b2b6fd27f03be477a146443b7faca Ford patented the car with built in transformer
Last week was issued patent US 9,211,932 of the company Ford, the application for which was filed as early as June last year.The company has patented the concept of unexpected car-transformer “two in one”. As planned, the rear wheel of a vehicle is a self-contained electric motor, which can be disconnected and put on a small axis of the unicycle. Chassis unicycle offered to store in the trunk of the vehicle. Thus, according to the authors of the idea, the person may drive away some parking, then remove from the trunk of an electric unicycle without a wheel, put on a wheel of a vehicle (automatic jacking the car and will eat wheel light hand movement and thought), and then have to go to the small HVD transport (reminiscent of an existing odnokolёsnyelektromototsikl RYNO). Also it includes an option in which the wheel does not require additional chassis, and works as are now on sale odnokolёsny analogue Segway – Solowheel .
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The idea of ​​using the rear wheel of the car, instead of, for example, spare wheel, most likely, is that the battery for elektrounitsikla is in the same wheel – and thus can be recharged while driving. In addition, a pleasant bonus is the protection against theft of the car without a wheel.

The idea of ​​combining a car with a unicycle engineers had to come after apparently unsuccessful attempts to penetrate these strange devices on the market of personal transportation. Heavy, slow and with a little reserve on a single charge, they are pretty useless – far worse than the bicycle. In this regard, the idea to travel long distances by car and then make a small tug on the other vehicle looks a little better. Although there will be no more convenient, easier and cheaper, and in this case, a simple folding bike?



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