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Drugs do not spare any of those them addicted, so die they are not only unknown to anyone addicts and celebrities, who also used them. Jura Hoi – 35 years. Yuri Klinskikh, founder and leader of the legendary group “The Gaza Strip “. Yuri died in a private house on the street in Voronezh Barnaul July 4, 2000 at 12:37. Until now, his death a lot of rumors: the official version, he died of a heart attack, although there were no problems with the heart he had never seen.


Igor Chumychkin – 27 years. The Soviet and Russian rock musician, guitarist, member of “Alice”. He died April 12, 1993 by jumping from the window of his Moscow apartment at Novoyasenevsky prospect, 40. The official version of this event is suicide. Chumychkin long been in a deep depression caused by drug abuse, and in the end, went out of the window of his apartment.


Vladimir Vysotsky – 42 years. The man who needs no introduction. Actor, poet, author and performer of songs. In 2010, a survey conducted by VTsIOM in which Vysotsky took second place in the “heroes of the XX century” after Yuri Gagarin. Vladimir Vysotsky died on the night of July 25, 1980 in his sleep from heart failure in his Moscow apartment.


Anatoly Large – ’31. The Russian musician, bass guitarist, poet, songwriter, vocalist. Founder and leader of the band “Black Obelisk”. Krupnov died February 27, 1997 of a heart attack in the studio while recording.By the time the health of the musician was very much undermined by years of heroin.


Michael Gorsheneva – 39 years. The Soviet and Russian rock musician, leader of the cult rock group “The King and the Clown.” The elder brother leader of the rock band “Kukryniksy” Alexei Gorsheneva. Michael died on the night of 18 to 19 July 2013 in the house number 5 on the Ozerkovskaya avenue of St. Petersburg. The cause of death was toxic cardiomyopathy with the development of congestive heart failure with alcohol and morphine.


Alexei Perminov – 24 years. The Russian rap artist known as Grundig or Gryundik, the leader and founder of the hip-hop duo “Slaves lamps.” He also participated in the underground rap group «DOB Community» from 1996 to 2000. In the summer of 2000 at the age of 24 Gryundik died of a heroin overdose.


Yevgeny Nazarov – 25 years. The musician, member of the St. Petersburg rap group “Bricks”. Eugene died on 18 February 2000 of a heroin overdose.


Vadim Pokrovsky – 36 years. Vocalist Petersburg group “2Ba the plane.” Vadim abused heroin for about 12 years, and the disease caused by drug addiction is likely, and caused the death of the musician.


Anna Gorenko – 27 years. Russian poet, who lived and worked in Israel. Anne died April 4, 1999 of a heroin overdose.

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Young MC – 26 years old. Your real name Anton Ionov. Russian rap artist, better known as Young MC or Tony P, a former member of rap group “P-13” and the posthumous – FYPM and “Crisis Records.” July 18, 2009 Young MC corpse was taken to the morgue. Death occurred from cardiac arrest. One possible reason – heroin addiction, which the rapper did not hide.

problemi s narkotikami 10 Domestic celebrities who died from drug use (10 photos)




Domestic celebrities who died from drug use (10 photos)
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