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Fish oil transforms into fat burning cells zhirosohranyayuschie

We have long been aware of the two types of fat tissue – “white” fat is stored, and “brown”, which it burns. Doctors long believed that brown adipose tissue only in infants, but found that it is in adults, but in smaller quantities. Seven years ago, scientists discovered a beige cells – they, like brown, processed fat. Researchers from Kyoto University found that fish oil transforms zhirosohranyayuschie cells zhigoszhigayuschie cells that can reduce weight gain in middle age. Fish oils activates receptors in the gastrointestinal tract, activates the sympathetic nervous system and trigger lipolysis.

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From 15% to 20% of body weight in men is adipose tissue in women it a little more – of the order of 20-25%. Adipose tissue is of three kinds, one of which faced only in 2008. In adults, most of the fat contained in the white cells – they accumulate fat, if necessary, to use it for energy. Brown fabric, in contrast, burns fat: a large number of these cells allows the infant to avoid hypothermia. Previously it was thought that brown fat cells only in children, after they were found in adults, but in smaller numbers. The third type of fat cells – they burn fat as brown. They give a chance to adults to continue to burn fat. The amount of beige cells reduced average age, and without them the fat is accumulated for decades, never to be used. Researchers from Kyoto University decided to test the relationship between the amount of beige cells and normal food. “Many studies have shown the benefit of fish oil for human health, including the prevention of fat accumulation. We checked whether there is a connection between fish oil and the amount of beige cells, “- says the chief author of the study Teruo Kawada (Teruo Kawada). The mice were fed a fatty meal, but one of two groups getting any supplements with fish oil. Mice from the second group scored 5-10% less weight and 15-25% less fat than the first group. Beige cells are formed from white fat cells, when activated sympathetic nervous system. Fish oils are activated in the white fat cells uncoupling protein 1 or Thermogenin contained in the mitochondria of brown adipose tissue adipocytes. This protein – the basic mechanism of heat production in infants and mammals hibernate.Consumption of fish oil increased oxygen consumption and increased rectal temperature, at the same time activating Thermogenin and β3-adrenergic receptors, which are the main markers beige fat cells. If you’re going now buy fish oil, you should know the difference between it and the fish fat. Cod liver made ​​from fish and fish – from muscle tissue. The liver stores a variety of harmful substances, it would be preferable to take fish oil. According to Rosstat, the main causes of death of Russians in 2013 were diseases of the heart and blood vessels: 55% of deaths. Of these, ischemic heart disease – 29,1%, tserebrovoskulyarnye diseases – 16.9%, which is 278 696 and 161 658 respectively. As you can see, the main risks associated with the breach in the circulatory system. The reasons – not just age or hereditary, but smoking, drinking, obesity, and low mobility.



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