The history of children's fashion: fun facts (4 photos)
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The history of children’s fashion: fun facts (4 photos)

The history of children’s clothing: interesting facts for young mothers

1448885524 383 The history of childrens fashion: fun facts (4 photos)
Children – this is our happiness. Parents are trying to have their children looked best. Moms and dads trying to organize interesting leisure kids, spend their free time for shopping to buy them a beautiful and stylish things. Grandmothers presented at each meeting is something new and can not get enough of looking at her grandchild. Kids of all ages daily delight you with its appearance.Even very young toddler dressed neatly and beautifully, what could we say about teenagers in suits and girls in fashionable skirts or dresses, children’s holiday.

1448885469 384 The history of childrens fashion: fun facts (4 photos)
Children’s fashion world is represented by a large number of models, and just what he may look like an adult. However, it was not earlier. Historical facts indicate that in European countries the children dressed up as adults. We imitate in everything: there were fashion wigs and powdered noses and fancy shoes. Babe supposed to behave similarly to the parents to adhere to the established rules of protocol and etiquette. The kids looked like dwarfs. Swaddled babies “from the heart”, assuming that the motion crumbs it can maim.

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Only in the early 20th century only began emerging modern aspects of health, children began to sew loose and comfortable clothing that allows to move the arms and legs. Only in the late 18th century, a bit shortened shortened dresses young ladies. They began to wear pants with lace and boys dressed in his short breeches. Teens 5-7 years wore fashionable clothes, had long hair and were very similar to his young friends. Through religion, kids represented the angels. Many families with incomes permanently preserve these traditions. In kontse18 century children’s clothing is no different variety. Clothing boys and girls were made of similar material in the same style. They were made the same way: lace sewn embroidery, cords, make application. Youth clothes for the celebrations embroidered in bright colors, and always had to wear a bright dress stockings. For fall and winter clothes made of velvet.

1448885484 386 The history of childrens fashion: fun facts (4 photos)
Booties were popular, and in the early 20th century there were boots of soft fabric for boys. In the mid-18th century, teen clothing for young people began to appear a certain freedom. Garment young ladies got a little shorter. It was only in the late 19th century sewing factory and traders became more time and attention paid to children’s fashion. The first children’s clothing stores flourished and brought great income to their owners. First Cooter in this area was Jeanne-Marie Lanvin – French artist and a famous fashion designer. Free image of children’s clothing has become visible only in the mid-20th century. The finished items can already be bought in stores that have been focused on the children’s fashion.

Today, however, many Western states continue to appreciate the exclusive job (Hand Made). Today things are functional, practical, and very diverse. Silhouettes of the main features of adult models repeated. Used mainly natural and innovative fabrics. The economic crisis has led to the fact that children’s dresses for the holiday presented in the latest collections are adapted so that they can be worn every day. Also “street” clothes for girls, a lot of details taken from the wardrobe of boys.



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