Leeds in the UK will be the first city in the world self-healing thanks to robots

Leeds in the UK will be the first city in the world self-healing thanks to robots

British scientists want to finish first resettable city by 2035. How do they succeed? With the help of independent repair robots that will patrol the streets and drainage systems, ensuring that your car does not fail in a pothole and that never happens gas leaks.

“The idea is to create a city that will function almost like a living organism – said Raul Fuentes, a researcher at School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds, who works on a project – robots will play the role of white blood cells that identify the bacteria or viruses by attacking them. The system will be similar to our immunity. “

Infrastructure project worth 4.2 million pounds is carried out together with the city administration of Leeds and the British Association for research, infrastructure and urban (UK Collaboration for Research in Infrastructures and Cities, UKCRIC). The aim is to create by 2035 the park robot repairmen, who will be in town to notice problems and solve them before they become serious. The official opening of the project is scheduled for 2016. As part of the project, which can last up to 2050, the researchers will focus on the creation of three types of repairmen. The first kind of drones will look for high-rise buildings and change the bulb. The second – an autonomous space to notice the probable formation of potholes and repairs carried out in advance. A third kind of robots will dwell in the pipeline for inspection, repair, and reports that there are problems. The robot, passing through small channels in the urban infrastructure. Photo: University of Leeds

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“Robots will reside in the city and will be able to identify problems before they become serious,” – explains Fuentes.

Researchers want to make autonomous robot to those living in the formations, which would occur between communication about how best to repair.

“We know that at some point they will need to be recharged or replaced, so I have to create a lot of robots, which would be close. If one breaks down, the other will be able to replace him, “- said Fuentes.

In recent years, increased concerns about the fact that robots will take away our jobs. Nevertheless, Fuentes said that the draft takes into account such concerns as the socio-economic, environmental and political influence. He said that autonomous robots-repairers necessarily steal people work, but instead can give us the opportunity to work in less dangerous areas in the future.Fuentes said that if universities do not lead such active research work, the segment would have remained in the hands of large corporations that are only interested in profit, whereas here calculate the impact of such inventions in the world of work.

“History has proven that every time when new technologies and creating new jobs, – says the expert. – Our task – to resist degradation and reduce the amount of repair work. If everything correct at an early stage, it is not necessary to block the street, imported materials. It’s all about minimizing the resources, risks, and energy. “



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