Individual Maglev skyTran their journey this year

Individual Maglev skyTran their journey this year

California company Unimodal, acting for the partnership program with the agency, NASA, at the end of this year is going to run in Israel, a pilot project radically new public transport skyTran. Technically, it will use the technology of magnetic levitation, but moving in ways will double trolley. This hybrid of the personal and public transport will move on the tracks, located at a height of 6 to 9 meters above the ground. As planned by the company, most of the energy required for the movement of the train skyTran will receive from placed on the supports themselves trolleys solar panels. CEO Jerry Sanders [Jerry Sanders] spoke about the current state of public transport and about how his company is going It changes everything. According to him, the existing terrestrial systems are too expensive, energy-intensive and harmful to the environment, throwing into the air too much carbon dioxide. A subway is even more expensive – it can cost up to $ 2 billion per kilometer.

Sanders promises that skyTran will cost only $ 8-10 million per kilometer, and each trolley will cost $ 25000- $ 30000. The pilot project in Tel Aviv will present themselves 20-kilometer closed loop along which trucks will travel at speeds up to 70 km / h. The developers promise that the final version of the trolley will travel at speeds up to 240 km / h and to transport 12,000 people per hour. The entire system is subject to control by the computer, which will ensure the smooth movement of trolleys and trouble-free entry and exit of passengers. For security reasons, be able to get into the truck only registered passengers, which will be recognized by the system for smart phones, fingerprint chipovannomu travel or otherwise. This approac1d637008459b10f814840f1b84d73aa9 Individual Maglev skyTran their journey this yearh is more reminiscent of the use of public bicycle rental system. Separation of passengers in groups of two, according to the engineers of the company, should reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents in comparison with the usual public transport, which accumulated a lot of people in one place. A trolley to be equipped with autonomous energy sources, which in case of failure can help to safely reach the nearest station.

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Personal auto transport of this type was first proposed in 1990 by inventor Douglas Malevitskim [Douglas Malewicki]. After the registration of a patent, he began to develop his ideas and build prototypes of cars. After ten years of development Malevitsky colleagues began to actively offer various transport companies laid plans of its transport, which are widely reported in thepopular magazines.



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