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Fun Facts about Japan and the Japanese (33 photos)

Next offers interesting facts about the Japanese that allow us to learn a little more about the people.Some high-speed trains guard at the entrance to the car takes off hat and bows, and then check the tickets.


In Japan, on the streets you can see a vase with umbrellas. If it starts to rain, you can take any, and then, when the rain ends, putting into the nearest vase.


The Japanese have very low pensions. Maximum payment of social needy elderly is somewhere $ 300. It is assumed that every Japanese person himself must take care of their old age.


In Japan, the school year begins on the first of April. Incidentally, the Japanese have no month names, instead they are indicated by ascending numbers.


In the northern cities of Japan sidewalks heated, so there is never ice.


Come to work on time in Japan is considered bad manners. At the site you must be at least half an hour earlier.


The Japanese even have a word “karoshi”, which literally translates as “death from pereutruzhdeniya.” On average, every year with this diagnosis die ten thousand people.


Every second Japanese perfectly draws and sings good. This is partly the result of the system of education of children – their first taught to draw and sing, and then to speak and write.


The Japanese people are very neat, but no matter how many members in the family, all take a bath without changing water. However, before that everyone takes a shower.


Japanese – crazy workaholics. They can easily work 15-18 hours a day without a lunch break.


The Japanese are very shy, are not accustomed to expressing their feelings. For many, a real feat to say “I love you.”


Japanese and alcohol – concepts poorly compatible. Most of them, even after a stack of spirits begin to blush terribly. But there are exceptions – any perepyut.


One-third of weddings in the country – the result of organized matchmaking parents and Smotrin.


The age of consent in Japan – 13 years. This means that a designated age for voluntary sex is not considered rape.


The Japanese almost never called guest house. The invitation, “go sometime” in most cases, be taken only as a polite way of speaking.


In Tokyo, near Shinjuku-No-Cheme, the greatest concentration of gay bars in the world.


If you caught something serious, then we have the right to keep 30 days in jail, not letting a lawyer.


Tokyo – the safest metropolis in the world. Tokyo is so safe that children are six years old on their own using public transport.


On the streets of Japan, you will not see the garbage cans. All garbage Japanese are home, and then sorted into four types: glass, burned, recyclable and non-combustible waste.


Every grocery store at the front with the press are bound to have a shelf hentai. In large bookstores under pornography assign entire floors.


Japanese police – the most honest in the world, do not take bribes. Is that sometimes for minor infractions can uboltat release, pretending to be “bakoy.”


In Japan, people are very honest. If you lose your wallet in the subway, 90% probability that it will pass in the lost and found.


In Japan, tipping is strictly not accepted. It is believed that as long as the customer pays for the service assigned a price, he remains with the seller on an equal footing.


During the earthquake in Japan, there is no looting.


In Japan, a specific attitude towards pornography. Previously, almost every hotel has a Japanese channel with a “strawberry”.


In Japan, the slowest in the world of McDonald’s.


In Japanese, “fool” sounds like “tank” (literally stupid person). A foreigner – as a “gaijin” (literally – a stranger). “Baka gaijin” in Japanese colloquial – is American.


The Japanese eat dolphins. Of these, make soup, prepared kusiyaki (Japanese barbecue), even eaten raw. At the dolphin meat is quite tasty, with a pronounced taste, and quite unlike the fish.


The Japanese are very respected people who can speak their language at least two phrases. They believe that it is impossible to learn.


In Japanese families is absolutely normal situation when the brother and sister do not talk, do not even know the mobile phone numbers to each other.


The Japanese are always talking about the food, and when they eat, then discuss how they like to treat.Dinner without saying a few times oishii (delicious) – very rude.


Probably, proper nutrition can be explained by the fact that it is very rarely seen Japanese girl with overweight.


The strongest curses in Japanese like “idiot” and “moron.”




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