The difference in time between the awakening weekdays and weekends associated with ill health
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The difference in time between the awakening weekdays and weekends associated with ill health

Gets up for work at 6 am, and therefore love to sleep off the weekend to exhaustion? And for good reason. Psychologists from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study showing that a large difference in time of awakening from the exit and working days leads to health problems. Shift work, which people have greatly disrupt the normal circadian rhythms , it has long been recorded in the discharge of harmful factors that provoke cardiometabolic syndrome and other problems associated with health.But scientists from Pittsburgh under the leadership of Patricia Vaughan [Patricia M. Wong] decided to study how society imposed rhythm of work affects the health of people with different chronotype (“larks” and “owls”). It was found that all sleep disorders, ranging from differences modes between workers and days off, and ending early awakening for “owls” are the causes of the problems associated with metabolism. Overweight, insulin resistance (poor absorption of glucose into cells), the formation of visceral fat (fat accumulation around the internal organs) – all these problems are connected with the wrong sleep mode. The development of various hormones responsible metabolism – the accumulation of fat in tissues, digestion, insulin production, – tied to the circadian rhythm. Violation of these rhythms leads to the breakdown of the hormonal system. For the study, scientists followed a group of 447 middle-aged man in a week. To accurately track periods of sleep and wakefulness, all subjects wore bracelets with accelerometers. Schedule study was so sure to include at least one night before the weekend – so monitor the impact of the difference in the duration of sleep during the week and weekend. This difference the researchers called “social jet lag disorder» (social jet lag, by analogy with the jet lag – a sleep disorder associated with the flight through several time zones).
Interestingly, not a single person of the test is not supported on the same day to sleep, and that on weekdays. 85% of people woke up later than usual, with the average “material transfer” was 44 minutes. At the same time, most of the subjects tried to play on the weekend hours they enough sleep on weekdays. In general, it was found out that the greater the difference between the time waking up on different days, the more health problems a person experiences. In a recent study, Japanese scientists have found a special protein that is responsible for the maintenance of circadian rhythms in most living beings.



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